We wanted to bring the great outdoors to the Thames Valley with a brand new outdoor adventure centre, a social sanctuary and a safe playground for everyone set on a stunning freshwater lake.

We strive to create opportunities for individuals and families to access adventure within a safe, natural, astounding lake.

We aim to break down barriers and promote an active lifestyle, with the intention of creating a healthier and happier society. Our mission is to educate people that the social norms of sedentary lifestyles or gym fitness are not the only way to live. To reconnect people with the outside and to get people moving.

This is achieved through local and regional community networks, clubs, societies and educational facilities, looking to encourage those that would not normally have the opportunity to take part in an outdoor activity.

We will have a nature reserve full of wildlife and nature trails for all to use where you can take in the natural habitat of natures surroundings.

With two islands to paddle around and a large lagoon full of untouched natural waterways, there is over 80 acres of water to enjoy, relax and exercise on.

We have lots of fantastic activities and events for everyone so why not come down and join us at this new and exciting venue.

We look forward to seeing you all at Caversham Lakes.