Stay safe and have fun!

• While we do our best to keep the rules to a minimum, your safety and enjoyment are our top priority.
• We implement strict procedures to make Caversham Lakes a safe and fun environment for all our guests.
• Caversham Lakes is an outdoor venue, our activities are physically challenging but lots of fun.
• Take these simple steps and enjoy an awesome day out with us.

Know your limits

• You must be reasonably fit to take part in all of the activities at Caversham Lakes. You are responsible for ensuring that you can do the activities safely.
• You must be able to swim to participate in our water-based activities.

Let us help

• Our lifeguards are fully qualified and experts on the lake activities. Your safety is their priority. Please pay attention to their information and advice.

Water Based Activities

• All individuals participating in water activities must be competent swimmers and confident in the water – if an individual falls in to the water, they will have to swim and be able to pull themselves up out of the water.
• All individuals must wear some form of buoyancy aid while on the water. Open water swimming must wear a wetsuit or tow float. All other water based activities will require a life jacket.
• Water cover is provided by qualified lifeguards.
• All children aged up to 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
• All individuals must complete and sign the lake waiver form before entering the site.
• No alcohol or drugs before any activities.

Our Lake

• Our lake is manmade and filled with fresh water.
• We test the water regularly to monitor its quality.

Potential Risks

All guests who attend Caversham Lakes to take part in any water activities must be mindful that this is a fresh water lake and there are risks associated with swimming in open water. In some rare instances, due to the heat and the nature of the swimming freely in a fresh water lake, it is known for some people to experience swimmers itch, which though may seem alarming is quite common and easily treated – most times will generally fade over a few days.

Please make sure you shower and towel dry immediately after exiting the water.